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Queensland Retired Police Association Incorporated

Why join the ASSOCIATION ?

Joining your area's QRPA local Branch can be a smart move for your relationships and mental health. People who participate in the Association help to connect with each other and work together, your own life can be enriched in a more meaningful way. Consider these top 6 reasons why you should join your local Association.

Make contacts

The association's fundamental mission is to provide an atmosphere of mate-ship for retired police officers and their families. The association initiates more opportunities for networking and connecting than is available through most other local organizations that don't generally focus on the police "family".

Funeral notifications

With an association membership you will be enrolled in the email distribution notices of funerals and celebration services of those who have passed. We provide details of date, time and place for memorial services where they are available so that you may pay your respects appropriately.

Create networking opportunities

The Association has various committees that enable you to participate at a higher level. This provides numerous networking opportunities as well as continuing your leadership. You can build your circle of friends while promoting developments of keen interest within your circles.

Association events and programs

Association events and programs provide members with great opportunities to get to know new people and expand their circle of friends.

Events are innovative and fun ways to help members meet potential customers, clients and vendors.

Connect outside your circle

Every day, the QRPA receives calls and emails from people looking for past members. We publish these inside our membership area which makes it easy for you to contact long lost friends and relatives.

Receive QRPA newsletters

Newsletters provide new member information, interesting information about our people in the community, articles, a community calendar and details about up-and-coming events, among other things. But don't send more then 2-4 letters a week, it could be annoying.

If you still don’t think you have time to join and participate in your local QRPA Association, consider the following:

  • The Association is open to retired Police officers and their families. If you haven't got time, then you're doing too much - retirement isn't for you.
  • The Association wants to ensure that life continues to roll on once you've left the force. We do this by keeping in contact with each other at meet ups and events, through newsletters and other ways of staying in touch.
  • Life can get pretty boring if you watch A Country Practice re-runs on Channel 9 during the day. We urge you to get out and live a little, even if it means saying Gudday to some old friends face to face.


We are a network of former members of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) or any other recognised Police Service, or a former Queensland Police Service Public Servant, who has retired or resigned from such Service with honour and has continued to be of good character and repute.

Partners of members and police widows/widowers (who are not otherwise eligible to join as members) are invited to join the Association as Associate Members.

(+61) 0497 104 061  
Address: 8 Bundella St, Aspley Qld 4034


Contact support agencies such as Blue Hope

Phone 1300 002 583

Confidential 24/7 psychological support service available from QPS  to retired Queensland Police Officers

Phone 1800 277 478

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