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Queensland Retired Police Association Incorporated


Membership in the QRPA brings many advantages. 

This includes opportunities to meet other members at various functions, find long lost friends or other members through the website, be notified of funeral notices, help and support through your mates, and the chance to have your voice heard on important topics and issues that affect former serving Police officers.

Membership of the Association builds over time: the more you use the services and participate in the events, the more you’ll get out of your membership. It's hard to put a value on membership, though we recognise the importance of it through the relationships we build.

Reasons to become a member:


We run various events through the year, which provides the opportunity to catch up and mingle with mates. Or if you're up for a little more adventure, why not consider joining the management team and get involved at  leadership level to help run a Branch ?


Your QRPA membership lets you know of the funeral notifications of past members of the Qld Police Force, or their families. We pass on information via email, as well as post internal blog posts so that you can login at any time to retrieve information.

Finding lost mates

Using our directory and internal blog platform, you can put out a BOLO for lost mates or family members. It's likely that someone will have a contact for someone that you are chasing, which provides a handy service when you're lost for answers.

Relationship building

Now that life in the Force is over, you need to ensure that you are kept physically and mentally fit. Don't let things slip (no-one will fill in the paperwork for you anyway) so come on in and join us to build strong relationships and provide the support you need at times that you may need it.

Maintain communication within the Association

Membership of the QRPA helps you to communicate one-on-one via the member forum where you can set up a post to ask a topic of many people.

Access all Branch Minutes & Newsletters

Our QRPA membership site has a list of all the Branch Newsletters and Meeting Minutes from around the various Branches.

Contact Association Executives

You will be able to contact the Executives of the association from within the Contact Email / Phone numbers of Executives that are published inside the the private members area of the website.

Contact Welfare Officers

The contact details of the Welfare Officers are listed inside the website, for each Branch.

Rules and regulations Handbook


We are a network of former members of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) or any other recognised Police Service, or a former Queensland Police Service Public Servant, who has retired or resigned from such Service with honour and has continued to be of good character and repute.

Partners of members and police widows/widowers (who are not otherwise eligible to join as members) are invited to join the Association as Associate Members.

(+61) 0497 104 061  
Address: 8 Bundella St, Aspley Qld 4034


Contact support agencies such as Blue Hope

Phone 1300 002 583

Confidential 24/7 psychological support service available from QPS  to retired Queensland Police Officers

Phone 1800 277 478

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